Indian Canyons Hiking Trails

You came to California for some well-deserved fun and relaxation in the California sun. Experience a different side of California and make your way to the California desert and Palm Springs. Its desert climate turns up the heat – and the fun – during your vacation. If you’re ready for adventure, make hiking a part of your itinerary. Indian Canyons and its hiking trails are the perfect place, right in Palm Springs, to explore.

The canyons are located on a Native American reservation. The official address of the park is 38520 South Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. For more information on the Indian Canyons hiking trails, call 760-323-6018.

Andreas Canyon

The trail is a 1.2-mile loop and an easy introduction to the area, with an elevation gain of just 200 feet.

Murray Canyon

The payoff is the Seven Sisters Waterfall! The breathtaking waterfall is worth the 4.7-mile hike. On the way back, take the Coffman Trail to loop through the desert floor before heading to Murray Canyon and heading north to the parking area.

Hahn Buena Vista

If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge, try the 12.3-mile trail with an elevation gain of over 1,900 feet! It’s one of the most scenic high country trails in the Santa Rosa Mountains, with a peak offering a 360-degree view of surrounding mountains and desert cities. The trail connects to several other trails in the canyons and there’s no single way to get there.

To get to the trail, take Fern Canyon Trail and connect to the Dunn Road Trail which connects Dunn Road to the Hahn Buena Vista Trail. To make a complete loop, head on to the Vadeventer Trail and finally Palm Canyon trail to the trading post.

Other Trails

There are a number of other trails, many of moderate difficulty, that will give you a glimpse of stunning scenery in the canyons area. A full trail map is available at the Indian Canyons website.

Hiking Safety

The California desert has a wide range of weather, from extreme summer heat in the 100s to more comfortable temperatures in the 70s in the cooler months. The low humidity means drier conditions, so make sure to pack plenty of water and trial snacks.

Protective clothing and proper footwear are a must – sturdy hiking boots or shoes, light, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and plenty of sunscreen. Long pants are advised, as cactus thorns are sharp and painful, and can be difficult to remove. Bring a basic first aid kit.

A Hiking Home Base

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