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Holiday travels are no longer a preserve for beaches and coastal settings alone. Desert destinations are fast becoming the order of the day for vacationers. At the center of your desert adventures is Palm Springs. It is a city in California with a rich heritage and luxurious experiences. Here’s what an adventure in the city of Palm Springs entails.

Enjoy Luxurious Vacation Rentals

At the heart of your vacation experiences in Palm Springs are the luxurious vacation rentals that await. Properties in the city adopt modern architecture with in-house features to show for it.

Kitchens are furnished with state-of-the-art appliances meant to enhance your culinary activities. From a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold to an oven and microwave, you have it all in these holiday rentals.

Other properties are armed with a private pool for you to enjoy a cool splash amid the surging heat of the desert. Others have hot tubs for a spa-like treatment from the comfort of your home.

Within the city are pet-friendly properties that allow you to bring your furry friends for an adventure in California’s wild.

Perfect for Hiking

Palm Springs can be best described as the best destination for your hiking endeavors. Not far from the city is the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. Known for its national status, it is one place where hikers thrive. Vacationers travel from all over the world to have a glimpse of the park’s panorama.

Within the park are multiple hiking trails leading to different natural formations. These trails exist in all difficulty levels. The short and less challenging routes are best suited for family vacations where kids are involved. However, if you are adults and are up to the challenge, there are designated routes for you to conquer.

Rock climbing is also an exciting activity that awaits deep in the desert. It is a demanding activity that will need you to be physically and emotionally fit.

Explore Art

Art has a special way of communicating, albeit non-verbal. One of the places to witness the magical experiences of art is Palm Springs. It is a city with a rich heritage and has multiple museums to show it. From museums with scientific samples to those displaying the cultural diversity of the south, you are in for unique experiences in the city.

Beyond the usual museum settings, the streets of the city are other places for you to explore art. With its tourism status, expect to find artists lining the various streets of the city as they showcase their craft. Pick something to bring back home as a souvenir of the incredible experiences you had in the city.

The Best of Spa Experiences

The beginning of your luxury journey in the city is at the spa. Palm Springs is known for the high-end spa parlors it harbors. There is something about the massage experience in the desert that even attracts the eye of popular Hollywood stars and celebrities.

After spending your past moments exploring the different formations of the desert, the time is right for you to relax. These massage sessions come loaded with multiple therapeutic benefits including better blood flow and relaxed muscles. If indoor massage experiences no longer fascinate you, the desert has natural hot springs that will serve the purpose.

Home of Exotic Dining

Dining is a crucial part of the experiences that await in California. It is the place to be to sample some of the dishes unique to the south. The street food of the city is something to live for. In short, it is a city for foodies to thrive.
Besides the ordinary southern dishes, almost all cuisines of the globe exist here. Whether you are after the typical Asian Fusion, Mexican, European, Caribbean, or African, you can never go wrong with Palm Springs.

The city is also home to several wineries and breweries. Order your bottle of choice as you unwind after a tiring day in the desert.

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The incredible adventures that await in Palm Springs need much more than just a basic holiday home. You will need professional guidance to identify vacation rentals that are up to the task. With us is a curated list of properties that will easily complement your holiday experiences in the city. Contact us today to reserve.