Painted Canyon

You came to California for some well-deserved fun and relaxation in the California sun. Experience a different side of California and make your way to the California desert and Palm Springs. If you’re ready for extra desert adventure, make hiking and experiencing the outdoors a part of your itinerary. The Painted Canyon is located near Mecca, California, in the Mecca Hills Wilderness.

The Canyon

The canyon is a testament to time and nature’s influence the area. A colorful array of soft pastels, red, gray, brown, and green wash the walls and hills of the canyon for a truly breathtaking sight! The canyon was built over hundreds of years of shifts in rock outcroppings and mudstone for hundreds of years by the San Andreas Fault.


The canyon is located inside the Mecca Hills Recreation area in Mecca, California. Tucked into part of the 41,300 acres, you can spend an entire day at the canyon and surrounding area.


Painted Canyon Trail

The trail is a 4.2-mile “out-and-back” trail in the Mecca Hills Wilderness near Mecca, California. The trail is considered a moderate challenge, with a 784-foot elevation gain. You’ll spend about two hours completing the trail, but you may stop for birding, or taking in the sights. The best times to visit the trail are September-April. Bring your pup along for some exercise, and they may be able to go off-leash in some areas.

Ladder Canyon Trail

Extend the hike and link to the Ladder Canyon Trail to form a loop. It’s called the “Ladder Canyon Trail” due to its series of ladders you’ll climb up and down to scale steep cliff walls. It turns the trek into a five-mile, three-hour experience. The ladders will add a total of 560 feet of climbing, bringing you to a maximum elevation of 1,330 feet. Due to the ladders, this is a no dogs allowed hike.

Hiking Safety

Be sure you’re ready to conquer the canyon by bringing plenty of drinking water, sun protection, and sturdy hiking shoes or boots. When preparing your pack for the day, make sure to pack a first aid kit, and be prepared with a trail map.

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