Top 5 Tours in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an exceptional vacation hub offering multiple attractions and epic thrills. Whether you’re a solo vacationer, a couple, or a family group seeking adventure, Palm Springs delivers the vacation of a lifetime. Here are the five best tours in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway has been one of the city’s premium attractions, dating back to September 1963. The tramway is renowned for being the world’s biggest rotating tram car, offering breathtaking rides from the valley floor to the top of Mt. San Jacinto State Park. The 10-minute ride rises from 2,643 feet at the bottom to 8,516 feet at the top, ascending nearly 6,000 feet. At the top, you can relish the sweeping views of Chino Canyon and the majestic Mt. San Jacinto mountain range in the distance. Stop by one of two eateries for a bite, check out fascinating exhibits at the Natural History Museum, or traverse over 50 miles of gorgeous trails. The tramway tours accommodate people of all ages, allowing for riveting fun with your little ones.

Joshua Tree National Park Open Air Hummer Experience

One of the most exciting ways to explore the expansive Joshua Tree National Park is on an open-air Hummer tour with Adventure Hummer Tours. The company has been a Palm Springs favorite since 1999, featuring on The Discovery Channel and numerous magazines. The open-air tours are an excellent way to beat the crowds and enjoy a private experience as you immerse yourself in the park’s breathtaking views. An expert guide leads you along a sightseeing tour in a military Hummer while offering insights into local geology and the native Indian culture. The vehicle’s open-air design allows for uninterrupted views of Yucca Valley’s beautiful expanse as the air conditioning keeps you cool in the Palm Springs heat. The tour features numerous stops where you can take an optional walk around beautiful rock formations.

San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour

Enjoy the famous San Andreas Fault on a Jeep Tour with Red Jeep Tours and take in the unique geological sights of the Fault Zone’s cuts and canyons. During this excursion, an expert guide offers lessons on native flora and fauna alongside facts on the California Desert’s geology and seismology. The tour also gives in-depth explanations of the ancient lives of Cahuilla Indians and how they built and managed their culture in such an inhospitable setting. During the tour, you’ll stop at specific sections and walk between the canyon walls as you get a deeper appreciation of the massive plate tectonic forces that shaped the Fault. Choose from morning or afternoon tours in Palm Springs, CA, although afternoon excursions feature solely from October to May.

Palm Springs Windmill Tour

Explore the awe-inspiring Palm Springs Windmill Farm on a memorable tour as you relish an up-close encounter with the behemoth turbines that produce enough energy to sustain nearly all of Coachella Valley. Book a self-driving tour and head out on a guided experience as a curated audio App leads you along the wind farm with ten designated stops. Each self-driving tour lasts 90 minutes, allowing you to take photos at each stop. The farm also offers a 75-minute guided tour, where a professional guide leads you on an educative excursion. You can also opt for a 90 to 120-minute VIP guided tour and enjoy a more in-depth excursion with a personal guide.

Palm Springs Air Museum Tour

The Palm Springs Air Museum houses vintage and flying aircraft from several wars, including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and modern machinery from the Global War on Terror. Take a group tour of the facility and enjoy a guided experience as a proficient docent leads you through all five of the museum’s hangars, delivering in-depth facts on the history and background of each aircraft. Each of these tours in Palm Springs lasts roughly two to 2.5 hours, with groups of 15 to 60 people. The tours occur between 10 AM and 2 PM, offering an insightful look at the best combative aircraft to grace different eras.

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Palm Springs is a holiday gem delivering multiple thrills and escapades. Whether you want to head out on a riveting open-air Hummer tour of Joshua Tree National Park, explore the massive windmills at Palm Springs Wind Farm, or journey to the past at The Palm Springs Air Museum, this California city has it all. As you prepare for your Palm Springs getaway, look no further than Ryson Vacations for the best holiday lodging. We offer multiple high-end Palm Springs vacation homes, ranging from one-bed to five-bed rentals in ten locations. Our rentals feature ample amenities, promising a laid-back and convenient stay, regardless of your travel group size. Contact us today to secure your Palm Springs vacation rental and enjoy a cozy stay in the city’s finest lodging.

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