Top 5 Unique Attractions in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is far beyond the ordinary desert destination. Besides its desert setting, this city is home to upscale restaurants, celebrity culture, and luxurious resorts. However, there is a side of the city many are not familiar with because of its hidden settings. Here are some unique things to do in Palm Springs that you won’t want to miss.

Indian Canyons

Topping the list of unique attractions in Palm Springs is the iconic Indian Canyons. It is a series of canyons carved out at the foot where the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains meet. These canyons hold a ridiculous range of landscapes entailing tall rocks and palm trees.

Touring these canyons will make you appreciate how much of a historical masterpiece they are. As the same suggests, they were initially inhabited by the Cahuilla Indians. With the abundant water supply of the region, food for the people and their animals was never a problem.

Besides it being a historical masterclass, it is also a good place for hikers and rock climbers to explore. These canyons are punctuated with a series of trails all leading to different formations within them. With features such as a waterfall and thick palm tree forest, you are in the right place to relax as you gear up for more explorations in the desert.

Joshua Tree National Park

Approximately 43.5 miles from the city is the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. It is an extension of California’s vast dry land with everything for you to explore. Joshua Tree is much more than a park in the desert. It is a one-stop shop for all your outdoor adventures in the desert.

Hikers find it to be an interesting place for them to be. Beginners too are likely to fall in love with the inviting ecosystem of the park. With lots of flat ground to cover, you are in the right place to kickstart your hiking adventures. Better still, there are steep mountains to be climbed. Novice rock climbers have lots of fun activities to explore here.

Beyond the usual hikes and climbs, Joshua Tree is home to multiple restaurants. It is the perfect description of desert dining at its best.

Shiprock, Palm Springs

From a distance, this feature appears like a displaced rock but the notion changes immediately when you hear the story behind it all. It is a 250-million-year-old attraction formed at the bottom of a tropical sea. Scientists argue that it was a result of silt and decaying organisms being compressed at high temperatures.

Later on, emerging rocks would be pushed northwards to their current location thousands of miles away from their initial place. Today, this feature is standalone rock as well as a historical masterclass of its own. Besides, it is easily accessible by road and a family-friendly site thanks to its picturesque stature.

Palm Springs Walk of the Stars

If you have been closely following the celebrity world, then you are aware of how Hollywood honors their top artists and legends through stars. Palm Springs has not lagged on the same. They have gone ahead to create a special Walk of Stars for their celebrities. The community here doesn’t rely on Hollywood to honor its stars.

Best described as the Hollywood-style walk of fame, the local flair infusion of palm springs makes it even more interesting. They are people who the local community can easily identify with in one way or another. Some of the notable figures highlighted include authors, civic leaders, as well as entertainers. Being here feels more like you have been on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Luxury Living in the Desert

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